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Hydrotherapy and the Rehabilitation process ?

Hydrotherapy means hydro = water, therapy = treatment

Hydrotherapy is a broad term for incorporating conventional principles from the world of Western physiotherapy and methods that integrate holistic care principles.

The treatment in water is varied and includes active and passive methods and techniques that allows healing options for the physical body and for somatic mind-body connection.

The treatment  is carried out in an indoor swimming pool, heated to 34 degrees Celsius.

Hydrotherapy activity is good for muscles strengthening, maintaining and improving

range of motion, balance and body posture, coordination and motor activities. It is also good for the vascular system and blood flow, encourages and strengthens respiratory capabilities, relieves pains and pressure on the spine and joints, alongside mental and emotional work.

Why Hydrotherapy ?

Water treatment can be a starting point, a midpoint and a summation in any therapeutic or rehabilitative work wherein  the physical properties of the water are those that enable this unique treatment.

Buoyancy:  reduction of gravity, loss of up to 2/3 of body's mass , thus reducing load and stress from muscles and pressure and strain from the vertebrae and joints.

Water mobility enables improved range of motion

Water resistance enables aerobic and anaerobic muscle strengthening and cardiovascular endurance activities.

Water Temperature: the water conductivity is 50 times more in comparison to air, enabling blood vessels to expand and the relaxation of muscle spindles which reduce muscle tension and muscle and joint pain.

The hydro-static pressure: the enveloping water induces a natural massage of connective tissues, assists in blood flow and in stabilizing and strengthening the respiratory system.

3D: water is three-dimensional, and  as such, enables creative non-routine therapeutic aquatic body work.

Independence: water as matter is a space for healing.

people with injuries and trauma of the motor system can move in the water without devices such as wheelchairs, crutches or instruments thus giving a feeling of independence and a positive experience of movement control.

Who will benefit from Hydrotherapy ?

Water treatments are suitable for a variety of conditions:

Orthopaedic Problems: Injuries, fractures, disc herniation and bulging discs, 

joint replacements, knee problems: rupture and ligament reconstruction, meniscus

Brain injuries: neurological injuries, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Giullian-Barre syndrome 

Heart stroke

Muscular dystrophy

Fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic and rheumatic pain

Respiratory problems, asthma

Oncological rehabilitation

Fear and PTSD: body-mind-spirit connections

Children with special needs: developmental delay, attention and regulation, sensory regulation, disorders: ADD, ADHD, children on the autistic spectrum

What is Hydrotherapy ?

Water treatments and rehabilitative hydrotherapy fit well onto a wide timeline scale:

As a starting point: choosing to enter the water as a healing space due to the unique features such as: three dimensional element, water temperature, buoyancy and gravity reduction, mobility and hydro-static pressure. The change and support is felt from the very first moment in the treatment, enabling us to address a wide range of  problems, both physically and mentally. 


As a midpoint / continuation: "conservative traditional therapies 

Physical treatment: massage, acupuncture, cupping, physical therapy and more 

Verbal treatment: Psychological, psycho-therapy

Invasive treatments: Medication / medical surgical procedure

All these are good up to a certain point where progress is not longer felt and arises a demand for a creative environment that will push for positive motivation, achievement and progress in the rehabilitative process.

Sometimes there is a sense of a dead-end and an alternative rehabilitation multi-system process is required:

Water therapy as a primary or additional treatment, alongside or in support of other therapies, can help reduce mental / emotional / physical load and enable a dynamic and creative therapeutic treatment for the disabled, for lowering sensitivity and threshold of pain, for creating a process of positive motivation and achievements.

As an organic part and preserving a healthy wellness lifestyle: today there is a wide range of varied therapies and water therapy is becoming increasingly popular and accessible.

Water as a healing space and its properties allows the body and soul to exist

on several echelons, creating a holistic connection between the brain, heart and stomach at the level of thoughts, emotions, intuition and the physiological axis of contact, movement, preservation and maintenance of the body.

Series of treatments and processes

for how long ? And what number of treatments is required ?

Two related questions that affect each other. In fact, the length and the nature of the treatment series will be formulated individually and according to the source and substance of the treatment required: sabotage, injury / syndrome and disease,

body-spirit therapy, pregnancy, health care  and wellness.

body-spirit therapy, pregnancy, Experiential therapy, health care and life-long retention.

A series can begin from a minimum of three and reach up to

twelve sessions.

Why a minimum of three treatments:

The primary session will serve as an introduction and initial acquaintance with the patient, understanding the reason why they see the water as a healing space, and choosing therapeutic tools  with which to begin treatment.

The second treatment will be the main focus of the treatment.

The third treatment will serve as a therapeutic sequence for the previous two treatments and a reference point for: beginning, middle and end of treatment.

In cases of longer series of treatments, it will enable more in-depth and accurate sessions allowing for more combinations of therapeutic tools and  so providing body and mind with a natural and organic space of internalization of healing and healing processes.

​Treatment of common orthopedic problems

Most referrals to the family doctor, Orthopedics or to Orthopedic surgeons are due to back and neck pain.

A number of factors are the source of the pain: Spine or spinal cord injuries includes muscles, tendons, joints, inter-vertebral discs, spinal cord and nerves exiting the spinal cord.

About 15% of the causes of back and neck pain are due to a number of factors:
Bulging and herniated discs, degenerative changes in vertebral bodies and joints,, 

vertebral instability, fractures, inflammations or tumor processes.

Back pain is systemic and in most cases lasts from two to three months.

When the injury is not neurological

Conservative hydrotherapy is recommended as part of pain relief, return to activities of daily living, and as preventative therapy.

Spinal cord traction and vertebral spacing, reducing the injured nerve pressure and reducing pain in the affected area.

Correcting posture, strengthening back muscles, core and abdominal muscles in order to evenly divide and bear the load of the torso, thus returning to full range of motion.


What is "Watsu" ?

"Watsu" is a treatment based on the Zen Shiatsu method and the source of the name comes from the two words Shiatsu and Water.

The method was developed in the 80's in California Hot Springs, USA by Harold Dahl, Shiatsu Zen therapist.


The treatment is in hot water at a temperature ranging from 33-35° C degrees

and based on slow and effortless movement of the patient body parts (at a uniform or dynamic rate as needed), pressure points, and gentle stretches.

During treatment, the therapist supports the patient's body with both hands or with the aid of buoyancy accessories and monitors breathing, muscle tension and body reactions in water and accordingly adjusts the way of treatment.

Throughout the treatment, the airways are open and the ears are aligned with the water 


The combination of the hot water, the therapist, the movement of water and the unique breathing during the  treatment bring about muscle relaxation and joint flexing, mental relaxation and a meditative state.

Balancing the flow of Chi in the body which contributes to strengthening the immune system in the body, to decreasing Orthopedic problems, Fibromyalgy, Arthritis, respiratory problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, shock and trauma.


Watsu during pregnancy - only as from second trimester of pregnancy.

The treatment during the second trimester is mainly characterized by the connection between the patient's body and the fetus.

The physiological aspect of pregnancy is added to the treatment during the third trimester

i.e - carrying weight, lower back pain, standing posture, pelvic positioning, sciatica

muscle load and tension in the upper body and neck and shoulder belt,

range of motion and flexibility of joints, swelling and pain in lower extremities, assisting in changing breech position of the embryo.

Watsu is listed under WABA - Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association


What is "CranioSacral" Therapy ?

The source of the treatment method is from the field of Osteopathy that deals with muscle-bone connection.

Craniosacral  treatment puts emphasis on regulation of the central nervous system through the skull bones, brain and spinal cord, the brain tissues surrounding the skull, the CSF - cerebrospinal fluid, the sacrum and connective tissue throughout the body.

The structure of the skull bones and their location indicate movement or immobility,

and affect every area of ​​the body, manner and quality of function, vitality, balance and pain. The treatment is by means of gentle and focused contact, which occurs at the intersection between the physical and the emotional layer.

The therapy combines two approaches: the "Biodynamic" approach, brings together the personal holistic energy that acts on bonding and connecting the patient to the body's inner "healing power."

"Biomechanical" approach that puts emphasis on repairing the body mechanism and includes fine manipulations.

The treatment is effective for a variety of orthopedic problems: 

back, neck, shoulder and jaw pain, headaches and migraines, dizziness, vertigo, down toning chronic tension, disorders, sleep problems, hyperactivity problems, and regulation and peace of mind, attention and  concentration.

What is "Anmo-Tuina" ?

Anmo-tuina is an ancient traditional Chinese treatment method from which the "tuina" developed.

The treatment method is unique because it combines a rich variety of bodywork massage techniques, Chinese Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, in order to improve mobilization of Joints and muscle tension.

The basic assumption of the therapist is that the body and mind are one system.

Recommended for the treatment of orthopedic problems such as: lower back, frozen shoulder, neck, tennis elbow, knee problems, headaches and more.


Treatment Purpose: enhancing the flow of energy in the body releasing blockages that create pain in muscles, tendons and joint sensations.

The course of treatment it is carried out on a treatment bed, with the patient dressed in comfortable clothes.

What is Myofascial release ?

A manual method for working with fascia, connective tissues in movement pathologies

and chronic pain.

The technique was developed as a tool for dissolving fascia adhesion in body area or joint, through contact that produces pressure and heat while the patient performs active movements to shorten or lengthen a muscle, in order to separate connective tissue layers

and so loosen load and expand the range of motion, creating easy mobility

and pain relief, healing and physical and mental release.

What is Float Therapy ?

The idea of Flothetta was conceived in the year 2012 by Unnur Valdís, a product
designer with a special interest in health and wellbeing. The birthplace of the
design Iceland, is a land of wealth when it comes to thermal pools, due to the
geological location of the country.

Flothetta has been a lovely addition to the aquatic culture and it has opened up a new world of gatherings in the water, relaxing and forming little local communities where people come together to float and enjoy meditation, taking care on physical-mental-emotional body-spirit layers and nourishing experiences in the water.

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