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Pablications & Testimonies

"BOOM" Festival 2018 Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Lake Practice Being Field - Open water aquatic bodywork 

"For over a year in which I was in constant pain in all parts of my body,

I underwent every type of treatment

And I needed a lot of painkillers until I got to Omer. The most amazing, caring and professional therapist I have come across recently. I can't thank you enough for greatly promoting my recovery process, and restoring my faith in my body." (Stav)

"I wanted to write to you how much the conversation with you today encouraged me and helped me,

No less than water treatment. A true therapist is measured precisely in these moments, a therapist who is a human being first and foremost.

This feeling filled me and gave me perspective!." (Reut)

"Hi Omer, First of all thank you for these amazing 5 days of training! So far you are the best teacher I have had. Very grateful!" (Linda)

״Every word you said is correct and accurate. starting to implement. it will be fine, I know.
I would not have gone through it without you unequivocally,

thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Michal)


"The treatment process with you was literally an experience for me !!"

Through your eyes, your words, the challenges you put in front of me, the concept of "choice" took on the dimension of a way of life and a powerful key to my entire process in the rest of my life in the present and in the future." (Iris)

"The treatment is excellent for the rehabilitation of sports injuries, reduces daily stress, flexes the the power of the mind, muscles and joints." (Adam)

"I slept for 10 hours, the right side of the body opened, the pain in the right shoulder,

right hip, right knee went away, also in the back of my neck feels relieved.

I was left with such an inner experience that is difficult for me to describe" (Ayana)

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