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Vision, story & development

The idea of Flothetta was conceived in the year 2012 by Unuur Valdis, a product designer with a special interest in health and well-being . Iceland, the birthplace of the design, is a land of wealth when it comes to thermal pools, due to the geological location of the country. The original design consists of a set of leg floats and one head piece. These float accessories were made to support independent floating in any form of water as a way to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress, release emotional and mental stress and improve overall body-spirit connection.


For centuries the Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of the water, establishing strong connections to the water through daily trips to the swimming pools. The design of Flothetta has been a lovely addition to the bathing culture of the country, and since it became available, has opened up a world of relaxing togetherness in the water, forming little communities where people gather to float and enjoy nourishing experiences in the water.


The product itself, Flothetta, has sprouted not only a community, but also a culture


With time, independent floating and float gatherings became more popular and common world wide.  At 2017, Unuur Valdis and Omer Shenar teamed up to fulfill the goal of creating a need to train skilled people as aquatic bodyworkers who in turn become practitioners and facilitators to supervise float sessions, classes or gatherings.

The Float Therapy approach training is a methodology conducted by Omer Shenar as head teacher alongside Unnur Valdis.


The program is divided into three levels of certification and registry to provide professional knowledge and practical tools for people embarking on the water path. Establishing a wide spectrum of a safe and trustworthy float environment for the receivers, enabling different target groups to float, acknowledging  the receivers needs i.e physically or holding the space and giving support when needed.

Through the training of skilled people to supervise float gatherings, holding the space and giving support, the culture has elevated to a greater connection and wellness experience in the water. All this supports the vision of Float Therapy to bring more people to the water in order to enjoy the wonderful benefits of this deeply relaxing water experience.

Float Therapy Training Program

The training program was established in 2018 as a way to support the vision:

bring more people to the water, by supplying high standard therapeutic activities facilitated by skilled aquatic bodyworkers.

The concept is to create an aquatic therapeutic group activity while keeping the intention on individuals within the group.


The "Float Therapy" method is based on 7 Principles and overall of 100 academic hours.

The training is divided into three levels on the way to become a certified world wide Float Therapy Aquatic Bodyworker (following all requirements of each level).

The training program holds practice on land and in water, supported by professional text guide.


Float Therapy level 1 - Foundations 


The first step in a Float Therapy training program into becoming an aquatic body work student.

Intensive course in which the student will meet the water element and its qualities and will be introduced to the "Flothetta" float support gear and free independent floating concept.


The student will obtain basic knowledge about floating and its many benefits for physical, emotional and mental well being of a receiver.

The student will acquire basic aquatic technique of stances and steps, head and body support, first movements in the water and basic float.


In this course there will be a special emphasis on safety and trust over fear and using touch as a part of the deeply healing therapy process. Examining methods to different types of quality of touch and body work approaches, Taking a short tour about human physiology and anatomy.


~ No early aquatic experience or background needed

~ 3 days training of 30 academic hours

~ Exploring the therapeutic foundation of aquatic work in water 

~ Learning about the "Float Therapy" concept

~ Safety and trust over fear

~ The 7 principles

~ Obtaining basic aquatic body work skills as a giver (1:1 session, 30 min).

~ After completion practice as trainee, move onto "one on one" practice 



Float Therapy level 2 - Small Groups Practitioner


The second step in the Float Therapy training program into becoming an aquatic bodywork practitioner. The student will review and refine through practice the aquatic toolbox knowledge given on float therapy level 1 - foundation.


This workshop will devote time to expand knowledge about therapeutic elements such as:

Space, support, breath, touch and motion referred to work with receivers in the water environment and will enlarge the student point of view as giver and as future aquatic bodywork practitioner.


More in this workshop will be about how to lead a small group of two receivers (pairs) into float therapy class taking in consideration the receiver needs (different groups, different needs), treatment protocols and using time frames.

The workshop will address directions tips for float class preparation and teamwork.


~ Level 1 - threshold conditions for participation

~ Quality of touch - "hands on work”, refining the aquatic bodywork toolbox and deepening aquatic knowledge and practice

~ Meeting the water element qualities

~ Float Therapy class setup and structure

~ Meeting different groups with different needs + health Contraindications

~ Expanding sequence: aquatic bodywork + movements in water

~ Delivering a float class small group of two (1:2 session or "Samflot" of 45 min).

~ Following logbook gaining practice and meeting the requirement of attending Level 3

Float Therapy level 3 - Groups Facilitators


The last and final step in the Float Therapy training program into becoming

aquatic bodywork and facilitator. Focus on familiarity and specialization with the aquatic accessories of "Flothetta". The student will be able to do fluent movements and transitions, understand the water element as a therapeutic platform and different types of bodywork techniques meeting different groups with different needs. (contraindications)

The student will learn how to be a group leader, spotlight on teamwork with more “givers” as part of team members conducting Float Therapy activities.

As a result, some of the subjects will be learning: facing audience, manner and amount of speech, attentiveness and time management.


More topics on this course will refer to:

~ Body alignment and float support line

~ Breaking the sequence - “listening hands” - receivers need - holding space

~ Leading a group, team work, facilitating

~ Meeting different groups with different needs, responding to situations

~ Conducting preparations for basic float class: admin and logistics

~ Familiarity with more float therapy activities 

~ Code of ethics 

~ Facilitating float sessions of 60min (1:3, ratio of aquatic bodyworker: 3 receivers) or a bigger class of participants depend on the size of the aquatic team.

~ 5 days training of 50 academic hours

Float Therapy Aquatic bodyworker - Finish line 

1. Completing participating in float training levels: 1, 2, 3

2. Filling personal logbook trainee in practice level 2:

- 10 sessions of one on one practice - collecting feedback

- 8 sessions of leading small group of 2 recipient - collecting feedback

3. Anatomy & Physiology - Academic accredited certification: 

a reference to anatomical review (a minimum of 60 academic hours) and physiology review

(a minimum of 30 academic hours)

4. First aid training and accredited certification

5. A minimum of 6 months between level 2 attending level 3 training

6. Conducting a Float Therapy class session under teacher supervision and feedback

7. Passing and certification is conditional on passing the minimum grade of according to fixed indices on finishing day

8. International valid diploma

Where and when ?

Float therapy training program take place in it's origin, Iceland and world wide.

you can find information about available future courses on the following link:


Coming Soon click here


+351-91-2561363, +972-54-6407474
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