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Vision, Story & Development

The idea of Float Therapy was conceived in the year 2012 by Unnur Valdis, and has been an addition to the ancient culture of seafarers and modern updated to the bathing culture of Iceland, supporting it through daily trips to the swimming pools or natural sources of thermal “living” water.


Iceland, the birthplace of the activity, is a land of wealth when it comes to thermal pools, due to the geological location of the country, the rift between the two continents America and Europe. For centuries the Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of the water in all forms, establishing strong connections to and with the water.


The therapeutic activity was originally born by Unnur Valdis as part of a product design under the label “Flothetta”, creating a set of leg floats and one head piece (float cap), following the vision of floating in water like "floating in space". These float accessories were made to support independent free floating in water as a way to relax the body and mind and enjoy nourishing experiences in the water. 


In 2017 Contact was made for the first time between Unnur Valdis and Omer and the meeting led to a co-creation based on both Unnur’s and Omer's knowledge and experience in the field of therapy. During 2018-2020 Omer decoded the therapeutic activity into a methodology of three levels. Since 2020 it has become available under “Float Therapy'' training methodology and has opened the world a format of

“Healing Togetherness'', where people gather to float, sharing the healing properties and space of warm water.


With time, independent floating and float gatherings became more popular and common world wide.  At 2017, Unnur and Omer teamed up to fulfill the goal of creating a need to train skilled people as aquatic bodyworkers who in turn become practitioners and facilitators to supervise float sessions, classes or gatherings.

The Float Therapy approach training is a methodology conducted by Omer

as head teacher.


Float Therapy

Float Therapy is a method of therapeutic group activity and a form of aquatic bodywork. 

It is a body-mind-spirit experience which involves movements, bodywork and independent free floating; getting to relaxation, moving to meditation, reaching one’s integration,

while the practitioner is holding space and providing safety and trust feelings to both the group and the individual within the group. 


Float therapy is held in warm water (around 34 ͦ c = 95 ͦ F) performed in shoulder-deep water level. Receivers are supported by the facilitator(s) arms and a set of customized float support accessories while being 'backfloated'.


The approach is based on 7 principles that meet the practice in water, combining elements from Chinese medicine and western scientific approach transformed into wellness. 

The Float Therapy's vision is to bring as many people to the healing space of warm water and to qualify skilled aquatic bodyworkers to conduct a responsible, high quality standard service and enjoyable experience.

Float Therapy Training Program

The activity is held by certified facilitators which provide guidance throughout all the experience and emphasizes safety and trust feelings while holding space for the participants. The Float Therapy relies on 7 principles and the training is based on three levels on the way to become a certified world wide Float Therapy Aquatic Bodyworker, following all requirements of each level. 

The training contains presentations and practice on land and in water, supported by a professional textbook.

The training brings together a few pedagogy approaches and multiple types of presentations: frontal and dynamic which applied on exercises to provide the students possibilities of processing the method concept and role of the “giver”. 

The training is compatible for both non-experienced and experienced aquatic bodyworkers.

The training enables the participants or the service providers to have a diverse range of therapeutic classes: 

"One on One" class (1:1), "One on Two" class (1:2), "One on Three" class (1:3) 

or bigger scale group activities.


Float Therapy level 1 - Foundations 

4 days of an intensive learning course, a total of 40 academic hours. 


- Exploring the therapeutic foundations of work in water

- The role of the giver and the role of the receiver

- Meeting the Float Therapy concept

- Meeting different groups with different needs and health contraindications

- Creating Sequence of movements, Bodywork intro with sense on quality of touch

- Learning about physiological processes within the body while floating in warm water

- Obtaining basic aquatic body work skills as a giver, one on one class (1:1)


* Certificate on completion. Filling a log book. Moving to the next level.


Float Therapy level 2 - Practitioner - Small Group of Two

4 days of an intensive learning course, a total of 40 academic hours.


- Meeting the water properties and qualities as element and as a healing space 

- “Hands on work”, refining the aquatic toolbox by deepening the practice with expanding  

   the sequence of movements and bodywork

- Float Therapy Class: setup and structure

- The benefits of floating

- Meeting different groups with different needs and health contraindications

- The 7 Principles

- Float Support-line accessories, adjusting body alignment in water

- Code of ethics 

- Delivering a Float Therapy class of a small group of two (1:2)

   and as well "Samflot" ("floating together", 1:2)


* Certificate on completion. Filling a log book, class assessment and a supervision task.

Moving to the next level.


Float Therapy level 3 - Facilitator

6 days of an intensive learning course, a total of 60 academic hours.


- More of the sequence: movements and bodywork

- Breaking the sequence attending receiver's needs

- Leading a group, teamwork, facilitating a group and therapeutic activities

- Meeting more different groups with different needs

- Responding to situations and holding space

- Admin and logistics preparations for float therapy class

- Familiarity with more Float Therapy activities 

- Facilitating Float Therapy class of 60 min -1:3 ratio of aquatic bodyworker vs receivers

- Conducting "Samflot" ("Floating together") - 1:3 ratio of aquatic bodyworker vs receivers.


* Certificate on completion. Authorized Float therapy facilitator classes provider.

Levels 1+2 - Combo, Limited Edition

6 days of an intensive learning course, a total of 60 academic hours


- A special edition of both levels 1+2 in a row enabling Float Therapy methodology to enter 

new countries, supply “here and now” therapeutic tools to establish “float Therapy culture”

and deliver Float Therapy class of 1:2 (a small group of two)

- The combo holds both levels 1+2 syllabus

- A special edition in order to a better use of time to integration while deepening the method within practice

- Enables non-experience alongside experienced aquatics.


* Certificate on completion. Filling a log book, class assessment and a supervision task. Moving to the next level.

Float Therapy Aquatic bodyworker - Finish line 

1. Completing participating in float training levels: 1, 2, 3

2. Filling personal logbook trainee in practice level 2:

- 10 sessions of one on one practice - collecting feedback

- 8 sessions of leading small group of 2 recipient - collecting feedback

3. Anatomy & Physiology - Academic accredited certification: 

a reference to anatomical review (a minimum of 60 academic hours) and physiology review

(a minimum of 30 academic hours)

4. First aid training and accredited certification

5. A minimum of 6 months between level 2 attending level 3 training

6. Conducting a Float Therapy class session under teacher supervision and feedback

7. Passing and certification is conditional on passing the minimum grade of according to fixed indices on finishing day

8. International valid diploma

Where and when ?

Float therapy training program take place in it's origin, Iceland and world wide.

You can find information about available future courses on the following link:


Coming Soon 2024

+351-91-2561363 / +972-54-6407474
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" You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. "   
~ Rumi
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