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The 7 principles

Healing Togetherness

Holding Space

Receiver Needs

Listening Hands

Water Element




1. Healing Togetherness

Collective consciousness. Creating community and culture.


2. Holding Space

Creating a nurturing environment of presence and a feeling of safety.


3. Receiver Needs

Opportunity to expand into oneself while being cared for wholeheartedly, with the best of intentions.


4. Listening Hands

Aquatic bodywork skills with intuitive touch.


5. Water Element

Allowing the water to play its part and enabling a therapeutic healing space.


6. Innovation

Group therapy meeting the individual. Creative use of accessories and merging east-west philosophies.


7. Teamwork

Co-working approach. Offering service for team needs.

Float Therapy principles intro

The therapeutic approach is based on 7 principles. 

Each principle is a cornerstone with unique properties that can stand alone as an independent therapeutic element but also take an integral part in the overall form and structure of the approach. Each principles holds keywords that captures the essence of it.

The chronological placement of the principles was also taken into consideration because it is represents the "philosophy" behind the practice which is the centerline of the treatment, direction of the treatment and as well the treatment structure.

Float therapy principles entwines western and eastern bodywork philosophy and practice.


The uniqueness of the approach can be described in 3 noticeable layers:

1. Facilitation of a therapeutic group activity alongside to teamwork of aquatic bodyworkers

It is a group therapy based on 1:3 ratio (aquatic bodyworker : participants).

The therapeutic activity can hold a larger amount of participants in the group and have variety of group activities.                                                                                                                                    2. The use of a wide line of accessories supporting the therapeutic activity                                      3. Free Independent floating of the receivers during the therapeutic activity 

There are 3 segments within the float class related to the 7 principles:                                            A. Sequence of movements - to relax, “open and expand” the participant body alignment.            B. Aquatic Bodywork - combination of “guiding hands” and “hands on work” to create relief and release in the participant body toward deeper relaxation and meditation.                                      C. Independent floating - a moment to connect and integrate into one’s self.

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