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Meeting Omer Shenar  

About & Philosophy


My name is Omer. I was born in Eilat, Israel in 1972.

I live in Ericeira, Portugal and work as a professional Hydrotherapist - Aquatic Bodyworker world wide

and share my knowledge and experience through teaching.

All my life I have been surrounded and motivated by water. From my childhood days on the shores of the "Red- sea", throughout most of my grownup life on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and today, by the coast of Atlantic ocean. 

For me, water as an element, is a formative force with a powerful, broad and deep philosophical meaning.

Nature as a metaphor for life and a reflector.

Water is a living matter, authentic, holding memories and conductive. The water envelops, nourish in stillness or in flow, with dynamic rhythm, transforming and taking shape. The body float above the surface or immerse below, encourages and emphasis breathing, thoughts and a myriad of emotions, making space for processes on the axis of relaxation - meditation - integration.

I believe in entwine between therapeutic approaches:

the "scientific west" with the "holistic east", bringing in the abundance and properties of the two and express it in practice. I also introduce the ״Yin and Yang"concept with deep understanding of the relationship between earth ("land") and water, providing tools for observing, assessing and coping.


With my professional knowledge and experience I serve together the two worlds of therapeutic activities: rehabilitative and wellness to accompanied processes of

I am a surfer, open water swimmer, ex-Judoka,

love to draw and create art and inspired by walking in the great outdoors and practice meditation.


~ Individual sessions (60m 100€ / 90m 120€)

~ Training / Workshops / Retreats / Presentations

~ Mentoring - Self Growth Processes

" If you talk, you're only repeating what you already know,
   but if you listen, you may learn something new. "   
~ Dalai Lama

Omer Shenar Aquatic Bodyworker, Bio

“Sheba” Hospital, Rehabilitation center,

Tel-Hashomer, Israel, 2010-2018


Experience in working with:

Orthopedic and neurological syndromes, diseases or   

Injuries, head injuries, chronic pain, amputated and paralyzed

children with special needs and on the spectrum, 

Trauma and post-trauma.            


Aquatic Bodywork skills:

Halliwick, Bad-ragaz, Aquatic Pilates, Aqua-Stretch,

Watsu® Practitioner (adaptive and Pregnancy), Watsu® ITC,

Shiatsu for aquatic Bodywork Waterdance, Jahara, Aguahara


Bodywork skills:

CranioSacral, Anmo-Tuina, Lymphatic massage

Myofascial Release, Kinesio Type

Education and Trainings Institutions:

~ “THE MENTORING INSTITUTE”, Self Growth Process

~ “FASCIKOM”, Center for Chronic Pain Studies

~ “SIAM”, the Israeli Center for Oriental Medicine Study

~ “WABA” - Watsu® ATC & ITC - Watsu Basic Teacher
~ “WABA”, Watsu® Practitioner
~ “CAMPUS BROSHIM”, Tel-Aviv University for practitioners       of Integrative Medicine, CranioSacral Therapist

~ “WINGATE”, Orde Wingate Institute for Physical Education

   and Sports Certified Hydrotherapist


~ The 7 Principles Click here

~ Training Program Click here

~ Float Support-line Accessories Catalog Click here

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Mobile: +351-91-2561363
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