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" Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible. "


Albert Einstein

Everyone has a story.

Our story is made up of innumerable little stories, the ones we were told about and the ones we tell ourselves. Everyone aspires to be happy in his life, to create content and essence while fulfilling a sense of meaning and purpose, realization of potential and talents alongside to satisfaction and pride in doing.

Along the way, the connection with the self may have been lost, feelings of missing out, maybe even failure appeared. Sometimes due to the race of life and the multitasking, with additional roles we play in life that

led us to a situation where we distanced ourselves from our passions, dreams, abundance and success.

Work Process

Part 3 - I GET

Part 2 - I DO

Part 1 - I SEE

Who am I.

Coming back to the source and re-meet yourself. Remember and remind yourself what your passions and dreams are. Asking deep questions and drill down to find out about your updated wants, needs and goals.

We will get to know your "old" story and the baggage it carries, we will identify and examine barriers and objections, and we will learn to leave behind what is no longer serves you on the way; old beliefs and behavior patterns that keeping you away from assembling your new story.


There are no short cuts. Self work and inner growth can come only from moving out from the comfort zone towards non-comfort zone. 

Together, walking hand in hand we will share the path towards the direction you set. In the framework of weekly meetings, we will carry out together a process of identifying strengths, talents and abilities while preforming tasks in order to understand and specify the goals you want to achieve and the place you aspire to reach.

The finish line.

Polish and finalizing your goals. With time and progress in the process, refinement of things, we will begin to connect the dots from the implementation of the weekly tasks that have become practical actions. We will apply feedback to actions and cases, celebrating small victories until we reach the finish line.

One on One - Short Process (8 appointments)
One on One - Long Process (10-12 appointments)

 ,The meetings are in person
Mentor - Mentee, face to face / online
Extensive experience in leading and accompanying processes
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